The Creative Community Pledge

The Creative Community Pledge

Our second way of giving back is quite different but equally inspirational. We’ve devised a reward programme that works on a percentage system. In other words, the greater the value of a client’s portfolio, the more they can give back to the community.

Here’s how: Every time a client works with us, 5% of the value of their project is banked. At the end of the year, Michelle, our number crunching accountant will tot up the grand total and give it back to the client. 

However, they cannot simply redeem it against their next project. Instead, they may choose to donate it through the following channels:

• To a charity to be used for design services, leaflet design, digital marketing, new branding, advertising / marketing campaign 

• To someone starting their own business and are looking for creative guidance or simply struggling financially

• To a school in the form of design workshops. 

We call it ‘The Creative Community Pledge’. It’s our way of us collectively giving back to our community and the organisations that matter to our clients – without them doing anything but pointing us in the direction of where they want their built-up credit to go.

If you’d like to get involved or have an idea of your own that uses design as a catalyst to make things better, we’d love to talk to you. Call us right away on 01752 936045 or 07889463792 and we’ll see you soon.