We are a straight talking
award-winning creative agency.

We are a straight talking award-winning creative agency.

Ahoy hoy! So, you probably know by now that we are Gammaray Creative ltd; a multi-skilled branding and marketing agency based in Light Studios in Plymouth. Our services include:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Design for print
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Content creation
  • Signage and way finding
  • Vehicle livery

… pretty much everything – design wise

So why use us?

A lot of design agencies say the same thing: “getting the best results for our clients is our number one priority”. Well… of course it is otherwise clients won’t come back.  For any business selling a service, it stands to reason that the number one priority is about making the best sandwich possible!

… but we’ve always tried to be much more than that.

Sure, we love to delight our clients right out of the gate. We get a kick out of seeing them leave a briefing meeting excited about what we’ll design and where our creative journey might lead. We love it…  It’s what we thrive on. 

We’ve also stuck to our expectations as a creative agency – in that we have never wanted to be the biggest design agency in the South West. We’ve worked with the big agencies; our designer mates still work for them; they are amazing companies! We’ve just always viewed ourselves a little different…

We believe by keeping ourselves as a small, tight unit, it allows us to focus on getting the most for a client, going above and beyond with their budget and making them proud to show-off their shiney new creative – it really is that simple.

So yes… we are fortunate to work with monster brands; we deliver the big impact creative when called upon, but we are also about rooting for the little guys too! The small to medium companies that need help with a marketing strategy or someone who wants to change the world with an idea they have kicking about, but do not know how to get themselves off the ground – we love it when they call on us for help.

Over the years, one thing that humbles us and has become a unique selling points with Gammaray, is that our clients see us as the agency they turn to when they are stuck and need results quick.

Time and again our clients turn too us when they:

  • need something turned around in a few hours for an emergency meeting later that day
  • have a small budget at odds with their big ideas or their big agency will not touch
  • have a ‘beer mat’ brief and no idea how to develop it

    Metaphorically speaking, we’re the bread that mops up the gravy after a massive meal – or in other words, we love to pick up the work big agencies scraps and snubs.

We believe this is down to who we are as a team and our work ethic. We’re an elite crew of tree hugging, basketball playing, hip hop loving design addicts that will happily burn the midnight oil, Wu-Tang Clan playing in the background with coffee on tap to get the brief nailed. Why? Because even after nearly 25 years in the business, a job well done still gives us the buzz.

Finally, it’s about trust.  We learned long ago that creativity is personal and trusting your designer takes a huge leap of faith. So, in the spirit of collaboration, we are always on the end of a phone, day or night. Whether you need to check up on progress, bat a new idea, or just chew the fat, we’re all ears and our clients love it.

At the end of the day business is business but when we’re chatting to clients who’ve become good friends, we know we are doing something right.

If you’d like to get involved or have an idea of your own that uses design as a catalyst to make things better, we’d love to talk to you. Call us right away on 01752 936045 or 07889463792 and we’ll see you soon.