August 6th 2021 – Efford Youth Club basketball court workshop

Hi everyone, hope you are well.

So last week we started our creative journey for a new initiative about taking abandoned out-door courts around Plymouth and turning them into giant works of urban art.

Like a-lot of areas around the UK, Plymouth has a few outdoor courts that after years of not being cared for become unused and lose their appeal as a place to come together and get fit.

We want to take these dull, grey, derelict areas and turn them into giant colourful works of art to then get the community back out and exercising again.

Our idea is to not do this ourselves but bring the local community together where we hold a creative workshop to design the courts in their area. Once this is done, Gammaray, along with the local area representative will build up the court digitally using different elements from each participants design. The final stage is to paint the actual courts, again using a mix of industry professionals and the local community itself to create a mind-blowing montage of colour and energy.

The project has three core outcomes:

• help promote mental wellness with the creativity side of the project
• help promote physical wellness by getting the local community back on the outdoor courts to exercise
• give the local community a sense of ownership to really look after where they live.

We have started the initiative with Dee Kelly and Rishi Bates of Community Connections community youth team where our first project is to design and paint Efford Youth Clubs basketball court. We held our first workshop last Thursday and the response was fantastic with the volunteers of Efford coming up with some incredible designs! From giant pinball machines to lamas riding rainbows, this project could not of started off better.

Attached are some of the amazing designs produced along with how the journey will work:

Painting > Digital Mock up > 3D rendering > Paint application to the court itself.

This is a self-funded project so will be looking for help from local funding pots and potential sponsorship so if you would like to help in anyway please contact myself directly on 07889463792 and we look forward to showing you how this project develops.

Thank you for reading.

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