September 14th 2021 – Efford Youth Club basketball court workshop

Happy Friday everyone.

So a few weeks back we shared a post about a workshop that was part of our urban art initiative; working with Efford Youth Club to turn their outdoor basketball court into a giant urban artwork.

Part of that project was to get the local kids who attend the youth club to come up with a sports logo after taking them through a presentation on how to create a sports identity. By coming up with a logo, it brings ownership to those involved and reinforces the idea that they are a team and by combining basketball and art, will help their mental and physical wellbeing.

We ask if you could all vote on one of the many logos produced in the branding workshop and are proud to announce we have a winner! The new team will be called ’THE EFFORD FROGS’. The idea was based on the wildlife in Efford marsh. Very clever indeed.

The then worked straight over the top of the winning sketch in Adobe Illustrator so we can keep it inline with the original design as possible and then transferred on to a new basketball kit that the children will play in once the second phase, the court painting, is designed and applied.

Anyway thank you again to everyone who voted. You made a little girl in Efford very happy indeed.

Next phase. The court design.

Take care.

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